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  • 09.12.2020
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Listen to the YouTube video
‚ Why do we feel awkward?
6 Minute English‘

Which statements are true and which are wrong? Tick the correct box.

Dan feels comfortable watching romantic scenes on TV with his parents.
Social rules control our lives.
It would be totally right to ask a stranger how much money he/she earned.
Social rules can be seen and we listen to them.
Another word for breaking a rule is to breach a rule.
New York has the oldest underground railway.
Awkwardness means an uncomfortable feeling in a social situation.
Write the correct name (Neil, Dan, Dr.Raj Persaud) under to the statement.

I am pretty confident about this!

Oh yes, that would be wrong, wouldn't it?

Which city has the oldest railway station?

I am having second throughts.

They are so implict.