• Holiday 1: Warm Up
  • Studis Frieden
  • 03.01.2024
  • English
  • Listening, Reading
  • R (Regelstandard)
  • 6
  • Einzelarbeit
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Lis­ten to the story about Harry's ho­li­days.
If you need some help un­der­stan­ding the story, you can read the text.

Harry's ho­li­days

Last year Harry was on holiday in Cornwall. He visited his uncle, Ben, in a small fishing village.
One evening Harry and his uncle sat in the garden and Ben told stories about the time when he was a captain of a ship.
„It was a hard life for the men on the ships. The coast was wild and the rocks were very dangerous. Ships often hit the rocks and pirates stole everything from the ships. There are also a lot of caves here. Sometimes you can find what the pirates left there,“ said Ben.
„Pirates? You mean real pirates lived here and left their treasure boxes in these caves? Do you think I can find some treasure?“ asked Harry.
„Oh yes, it can happen. Last year a tourist found an old golden ring and gave it to our museum,“ answered Ben.

Corn­wall - eine Graf­schaft in Eng­land

a cave - eine Höhle

a tre­a­su­re - ein Schatz

Check the state­ments and tick the right box.




In his sum­mer ho­li­days Harry stay­ed at his grand­pa­rents' home in Corn­wall.

One evening Ben and Harry sat in the gar­den and wrote sto­ries.

Ben was a ship's cap­tain.

Ben tal­ked about the wild coast, the dan­ge­rous rocks and the pi­ra­tes.

The ships cras­hed onto the rocks.

The pi­ra­tes rob­bed Ben.

Harry found an old gol­den ring last year.

Cor­rect the false state­ments.

There are  four false state­ments.