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  • 09.12.2020
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Sleep better thanks to good sleep hygiene

Sleep better - IKEA

Tips to improve your sleep hygiene

A . Text-based tasks

Decide whether the statements are true, false or not in the text.
not in the text
Sleep problems are not affecting our daily life.
Sleep hygiene includes several sleep improving routines.
Slightly cool air will help you to fall asleep.
In case of insomnia, try to listen to meditative music such as ocean sounds.
Exposure to blue light might benefit your circadian rhythm.
Best is to ban your devices from your room before going to bed.
Finish the sentences using the information given in the text.

  • If you are thirsty before going to bed you should ...

  • Your sleeping behaviour is influenced by ...

  • Sleep hygiene includes ...

Answer the questions in complete sentences.

  • What should you do with your devices before going to bed?

  • What are the sleep aid rituals mentioned in the text?

  • Mention some facts that are disturbing your sleep

Ask questions. Use four different question forms.

You are meeting a sleep hygiene expert and have the chance to ask four questions about sleep and sleep problems. Write your questions down.