• Übungen zu be (am/is/are)
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  • 01.03.2021
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Form the short forms. (Bilde die Kurzformen.)

I am


we are

you are

you are

he is

she is

they are

it is

Fill in: am, is, are
  • a) Today it very cold.
  • b) you ok?
  • c) Mice small animals.
  • d) I happy because today it's my birthday.
  • e) My sister fifteen years old.
Negate the sentences. (Verneine die Sätze.)
  • a) There are five pencils.
  • b) I'm very tired.
  • c) The door is open.
  • d) My new books are very interesting.
Form questions. (Bilde Fragen.)
  • a) The gorilla is big.
  • b) My parents are ill.
  • c) We are hungry.
  • d) I am cold.
  • e) The dog is blue.
Form short answers. (Bilde Kurzantworten.)
  • a) Are Mike and Tom happy?
  • b) Is your mother at work?
  • c) Are the students at school?
  • d) Is the chair brown?
  • e) Are the flowers beautiful?