• Vocabulary and Grammar - 'Environment'
  • GinaB.
  • 12.12.2020
  • English
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Explain the following words in complete sentences.
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a) an alternative

b) to dry up

Read the text. Find the suitable forms of the words and write them down.
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We have to work on our (aware) towards saving the planet. There are plenty of really (to effect) ways how to help planet Earth to recover. The enormous (to disappear) of animals is alarmingly high. Soon we (to destroy) even more habitats due to our carelessness. The (to create) of protective zones for animals and the environment is a must, since it is (to affect) all of us. If we (to protect) our planet before, we would not have to worry now. The chance of animals (to survive) our careless behaviour is low. (rain forest) are already suffering a lot, (which| who) is damaging our entire ecosystem.

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