• A message in a bottle
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  • 17.10.2023
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A mes­sa­ge in a bot­t­le

On your trip to the river Rhein, you find a mes­sa­ge in a bot­t­le at the coast. Read the mes­sa­ge.
Bei einem Aus­flug am Rhein, fin­dest du eine Fla­schen­post am Ufer. Lies die Nach­richt.

Dear Fin­der!

I'm Colin and I'm 12 years old.

I live in Ab­der­deen. That's in Scot­land. There we have a very fa­mous lake. It is cal­led "Loch Ness". This lake based on a well-​known le­gend, the ogre "Nes­sie".

My flat is in Albyn Lane. On the right hand side, there is the Royal Bank of Scot­land and on the left, there is the Albyn Hos­pi­tal.

My fa­vou­ri­te place is the ci­ne­ma. I often go there with my fri­ends.

If you find my mes­sa­ge, it will be cool to con­tact me. Tell me so­me­thing about you and where you live.

Best wis­hes,

yours Colin.

con­tact: Colin_Bur­nett@fake.com

Loch Ness
Read the mes­sa­ge again. Tick whea­ther the state­ments are true or false.
Lies die Nach­richt noch ein­mal durch. Setze einen Haken, ob die Aus­sa­gen rich­tig oder falsch sind.




You find a message in a bottle on the coast of the river Rhein.

The author of the message is a girl.

Colin is 15 years old.

He comes from Scotland.

His favourite place is The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Colin lives in Albyn Lane.

In the middle of this lane, there is the Albyn Hospital.

An­s­wer the ques­ti­ons. Be­ant­wor­te die Fra­gen.

Who is Colin? Colin is a _________________________________________________________.

Where is Colin from? Colin is from _____________________________________________.

How old is Colin? Colin is _______________________________________________________.

Where is Aber­deen? Aber­deen is in  ____________________________________________.

What is the lake's name? The lake is cal­led _____________________________________.



12 years old


Loch Ness

Write about your home­town

Write Colin back. Schrei­be Colin zu­rück. Er­zäh­le ihm über dei­nen Wohn­ort:

Tell him about your town:
- what your name is
- how old you are
- where you are from
- where do you live (road or street,...)
- what close to your flat or house is
- what your fa­vou­ri­te place is

Dear Colin!