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  • 15.12.2022
  • English
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Na­tu­re Is Spea­king – Har­ri­son Ford is

'The Ocean'

Na­tu­re is spea­king

Lis­ten to Har­ri­son Ford as 'The ocean'.

An­s­wer the fol­lo­wing ques­ti­ons.

Use the simp­le past!

What was the video about?
The video was about the ocean and tal­ked about how the ocean is very power­ful.
What did the ocean say about hu­mans?
The ocean said that peo­ple take more than they need and share. Peo­ple need the ocean. The ocean does not need peo­ple.
What did the mes­sa­ge at the very end say?
The mes­sa­ge at the end said that peo­ple should treat the ocean with a litt­le bit more re­spect
I am the ocean

Prac­ti­se re­ci­ting the poem and re­cord an audio!

I am the ocean.
I'm water.
I'm most of this pla­net.
I shaped it.
Every stream, every cloud and every rain drop - it all comes back to me.
One way or another, every li­ving thing here needs me.
I am the source.
I'm what they craw­led out of.
They're no dif­fe­rent.
I don't owe them a thing.
I give.
They take.
But I can al­ways take back.
That's just the way it has al­ways been.
It's not their pla­net any­way.
Never was.
Never will be.
But hu­mans, they take more than their share.
They poi­son me, then they ex­pect me to feed them.
Well, it doesn't work that way.
If hu­mans want to exist in na­tu­re with me
and off of me,
I sug­gest they lis­ten close.
I am only going to say this once:
If na­tu­re isn't kept heal­t­hy, hu­mans won't sur­vi­ve.
Me, I could give a damn, with or wit­hout hu­mans.
I' m the ocean.
I co­ver­ed this en­ti­re pla­net once.
And I can al­ways cover it again.

That's all I have to say.