• Acts of kindness
  • MNWeG
  • 04.10.2022
  • English
  • R (Regelstandard), E (Expertenstandard)
  • 6
  • Arbeitsblatt, Film
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Watch this tutorial about
'Make a happiness jar'

Make a happiness jar yourself

Describe how you made the jar

Include at least 10 thoughts that make you happy

Present the jar to your teacher

Read through the vocabulary and describe the different moods you can have

Make a mood chart going from sadness to happiness

Write down all things that make you sad, angry, excited and happy

Acts of kindness

Watch this video about
'NYPD's Act of Kindness Goes Viral'

Watch this video about
‘Would a Child Help the Homeless?‘

Which video did you like the best? Write down what happens in your favorite video.

Meet and speak

Find a teacher and have a conversation about compassion and being kind.

What do you know about compassion?

What makes you feel good?

Can you think of things to make others happy?