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  • 04.10.2022
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Adjectives and adverbs

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Was beschreiben Adjektive?
Adverbien sagen aus, ... ?
Welcher Satz beinhaltet ein Adverb ?

Practice your adjectives and adverbs

You can help to stop food waste

There is an easy way how you can quickly help to stop the food waste around the world.
And it truly is a simple one.

All you have to do is to frequently visit the farmers market in your town.
But why does this help to stop the awful food waste?

Well, a lot of the food which you can buy in big or small supermarkets is widely produced oversees. This means that the red apple, grown in sunny New Zealand, has to travel all the way to faraway Europe before you can happily eat it.
That is a very long journey and lots of delicious produce will not even make it to the local supermarket because it no longer looks good or rotted along the way and is thoughtlessly thrown away.

A lot of tasty produce travels long routes only to sadly end in the trash.

Did you know that juicy apples also grow in our region? We have a lot of busy farmers around us who proudly sell their mouthwatering fruits and vegetables, but also delicate dairy, nourishing meat, fluffy bread and tender fish at the local farmers market.

The scenic farmers market in Waldshut, for example, is open from 7 am to 1 pm every Wednesday and Saturday. The kind farmers offer a broad variety of locally grown produce.

With thoughtful shopping at the farmers market, you can help to stop the food waste.
Einkaufskompass, farmers market in Waldshut, made by the Realschule Waldshut
Read the text.
Sort the following words from the text into the table below.
  • easy, quickly, truly, frequently, awful, big, small, widely, red, sunny, faraway, happily, long, delicious, local, good, thoughtlessly, locally, thoughtful, sadly



Listen to the text.

Listen to the text
'You can help to stop food waste'