• Chapter 1
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  • 20.09.2023
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Read chap­ter 1 of the book.

Which sen­ten­ces are true and which are false?
The old sai­lor likes the inn be­cau­se there are al­ways a lot of peo­ple there.
The cap­tain is fri­end­ly with a sai­lor with one leg.
Black Dog only has three fin­gers on his left hand.
The cap­tain is re­al­ly Billy Bones.
Jim is sad be­cau­se the cap­tain is very ill.
Jim takes the man with no eyes to the cap­tain.
The cap­tain dies after he sees the black paper.
Un­der­line the cor­rect words.

a) Billy Bones is an old de­tec­ti­ve - pi­ra­te.

b) Black Dog wants so­me­thing from Bill. He gets - doesn't get it.

c) Flint's men want Billy's old box - Billy.

d) Flint's men send an old man wit­hout eyes - the doc­tor to Billy.

e) The old man kills Billy - gives him a black paper.

Connect the questions with the correct name.

  • Who is going to be the cook on the Hispaniola?
  • Who takes an envelope from Billy's box?
  • Who do Jim and his mother watch?
  • Who is going to take Jim to Treasure Island?
  • Who was the richest pirate in the West Indies?
  • Who wants to take money for Billy's food and bed?
  • Who does Jim see in the Spy Glass Inn?
  • Jim takes an envelope from Billy's box.
  • Jim's mother wants to take money for Billy's food and bed.
  • Jim and his mother watch Flint's men.
  • Captain Flint was the richest pirate in the West Indies.
  • Mr. Trelawney is going to take Jim to Treasure Island.
  • long John Silver is going to be cook on the ship.
  • Jim sees Black Dog in the Spy Glass Inn.

Ste­ven­son’s great crea­ti­on, the one-​legged Long John Sil­ver, is one of the most me­mo­ra­ble cha­rac­ters in Eng­lish li­te­ra­tu­re. A few years after Treasu­re Is­land was pu­blished, J. M. Bar­rie crea­ted a si­mi­lar fi­gu­re in his play Peter Pan – Cap­tain Hook, who had only one hand (in­s­tead of ha­ving only one leg). In any ad­ven­ture story, it is es­sen­ti­al to have the ‘good guys’ strug­g­ling again­st the ‘bad guys’. Pi­ra­tes were ex­tre­me­ly sui­ta­ble for the role of bad guys, as they went again­st the rules of so­cie­ty and lived out­si­de the law. Un­li­ke ghosts and mons­ters, which were also po­pu­lar in the sto­ries of the ni­ne­teenth cen­tu­ry, pi­ra­tes re­al­ly exis­ted, and the­re­fo­re, they were much more ef­fec­ti­ve fi­gu­res of fear and hor­ror for child­ren – even older ones.

Jim's packing list
Is Jim afraid ? Tick 'yes' or 'no'.

When he is in the bar­rel of fruit
When he tells Mr. Tre­la­w­ney about the con­ver­sa­ti­on
When he gets into one of the boats
After the pi­ra­tes kill a man
When Ben Gunn comes to­wards him
What do you think ? An­s­wer one of the ques­ti­ons and write it down.

  • Why do Long John Sil­ver's men not catch Black Dog?

  • Why is Cap­tain Smol­lett un­hap­py with the sai­lors?
Ima­gi­ne you are Jim. You are going on the His­pa­nio­la.

What will you take in your bag?
Which are your five most im­portant things?