• Chapter 3
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  • 20.09.2023
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Read chap­ter 3 of the book.

Un­der­line the cor­rect words.

a) Silver-​ the other pi­ra­tes want to kill Jim.

b) Sil­ver gives the pi­ra­tes a black paper - the treasu­re map .

c) Jim tells the Doc­tor he isn't - is with the pi­ra­tes.

d) A dead pi­ra­te - Jim shows the way to the treasu­re.

e) The pi­ra­tes hear a song - it's Flint - Ben Gunn.

f) The treasu­re is under the tree - Ben Gunn has the treasu­re.

g) They leave the pi­ra­tes on the is­land with - wit­hout a boat.

h) Jim and his fri­ends their din­ner on the is­land - ship.

Write down why these things are im­portant
in the story ?

  • Billy Bones's old box
  • a bar­rel of fruit
  • a small boat
Hel­pful words
Who gets some of the treasure?
Tick the names.