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Watch the animation about
'Where Does Compassion Really Come From?'

True or false? Tick the correct statement.
When he went into the store he noticed that she had a beautiful voice.
The two friends went into the store together.
Compassion can be learnt.
The best is to not pay attention to others.

Listen to the text

All necessary vocabulary
can be found on Quizlet


Compassion means to recognize the suffering of another and then take action to help. It means you care about others, treat them with kindness and feel a strong desire to help people in need.

Sympathy means you can understand what the person is feeling.

Empathy means you feel what the other person is feeling.

Whenever you do or say something think about 'how would I feel?'

Which statement is correct and which is incorrect? Tick the statements.
Never think about what you do or say.
Sympathy means to feel the other person's feeling.
Helping is a form of compassion.
Only help people you know.
Answer the following questions in German.

  • Was bedeutet Mitgefühl?

  • Nenne drei Dinge, die mitfühlend sind.

  • Was bedeutet Sympathie?
Answer the question in German.

  • What could you do to make others feel good ?

Watch this animation about
'Compassion & Gratitude:
Loving Kindness Mindfulness'

What can you see outside in a park?

  • You can see a classroom.
  • You can see trees, the sun and maybe the blowing wind.
  • You can see chairs and tables.
Can you feel your belly moving ...

  • over and out.
  • before and after.
  • up and down.
Which statements are correct and which are incorrect?
You can extend your hands out like branches of a flower.
The meditation is mostly about breathing.
The video shows us how to work better.
The meditation is helping us to take our minds off to relax and feel good.
List the body parts mentioned in the meditation.