• Creative writing 2
  • MNWeG
  • 18.09.2023
  • English
  • 9
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Write an email of about 120 words.

A group of stu­dents from South Af­ri­ca is stu­dy­ing the con­fi­dence of teen­agers. They ask you to write them how you feel about yours­elf.

Send the email with the sub­ject ‚How I feel about mys­elf' to your te­acher .

Hel­pful vo­ca­bu­la­ry

Write a story with the fol­lo­wing en­ding.

... she loo­ked into the mir­ror and was as­to­nis­hed.

Write about 100 words. Re­cord your story and send the audio file with the title 'Con­fi­dence' to your te­acher.