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I'm Ola

"Hi, I'm Ola and I'm ten years old.

My family is super big and we all live very close to each other in the city of London.

There is always a lot of going on birthdays or other family events.

Both of my cousins look alike since they are twins.

They both also like to wear the same clothes which makes it hard to find out who is who.

We call them Tin and Tan in our family, even though their names are Thomas and Otto.

Their mother, my aunt Lucy, is such a sweetheart and her most favourite thing to do is baking cakes.

Oh, her cakes are delicious!

She brings them to every occasion and the people go crazy about them.

My other aunt, Linda, is one busy woman.

She is running two businesses together with my uncle and her daughter Ruby.

So their whole family is always busy thinking about their shops and their costumers.

I love being in their shop!

Linda's goal is to sell nice things to nice people, whereas my uncle's dream is to make a lot of money.

Sometimes there are big arguments about this and my mother, Linda's sister, usually tries to help out.

But what do you think helps the most?

Lucy's cakes of course!"

Read the text more than one time. Underline words you don't know and look them up.
Lies den Text mehrmals durch. Unterstreiche unbekannte Wörter und schaue sie in einem Onlinewörterbuch (leo.org oder deepl.com) nach. Du kannst sie unten in die Tabelle notieren.



very close to

sehr nahe zusammen

Decide whether the statements ar true or false. Entscheide, welche Aussagen zum Text richtig oder falsch sind.
Tick true or false. Hake richtig oder falsch an.
Ola is ten years old.
Ola lives with her family in York.
Both cousins look very different.
The cousins' names are Tim and Tom.
Aunt Lucy loves baking cakes.
Linda's daughter is called Rosie.
Ola loves being in her aunt's shop.
Her uncle's dream is having a fast car.
My mother helps in the shop.

Furthermore: Description of my family

Listen to Ola at least five times.
Read the text aloud. Go to your English teacher and read the text aloud.

Höre die Aufnahme mindestens fünfmal an. Lies den Text dazu laut vor.
Gehe zu deinem Englischlernbegleiter und lese den Text flüssig vor.

Kriterienraster Reading, V. Seiz 2017
Fill in your family‘s names.

Setze die Namen deiner Familienmitglieder ein.
Draw a family tree about your family and name the most important members of your family.

Zeichne einen Familienstammbaum und benenne die wichtigsten Mitglieder deiner Familie.

Describe your family. Write 5 to 8 sentences.

Beschreibe deine Familie. Schreibe 5 bis 8 Sätze.

Start like Ola:

Hi, I'm... and I'm ... years old...