• Grammar: The Simple Past (with -ed)
  • MNWeG
  • 10.11.2021
  • English
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The Simple Past with -ed - Die Vergangenheit (mit -ed)

Watch the tutorials of the „Simple Past with regular verbs“.
Sieh dir die Erklärvideos zur Zeitform „Vergangenheit mit regelmäßigen Verben “ an.
Put in the regular verbs in the simple past. Setze die regelmäßigen Verben in die Vergangenheit.

Bei vielen Verben (regelmäßige) hängst du im Simple Past einfach ein -ed an.


Last weekend Tim played (to play) chess with his friends.

1. Yesterday my little sister listened (to listen) to funky music.

2. She danced (to dance) like a pop star.

3. My mother cooked (to cook) our favourite meal.

4. After that mum cleaned (to clean) the kitchen.

5. In the evening our whole family watched (to watch) a funny film on TV.