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Being a heal­t­hy kid is all about ea­ting right, get­ting plenty of exer­cise and loo­king after yours­elf. Your health is very im­portant in your de­ve­lop­ment and growth.

1. Eat plenty of fruits as it will pro­vi­de you with lots of the vit­amins and mi­ne­rals that you need to stay strong and heal­t­hy.

2. In­clude ve­ge­ta­bles. They come in many dif­fe­rent types, and so you should try to get a good ba­lan­ce of the dif­fe­rent sorts.

3. Avoid too much sugar. Limit the amount of sweets, cho­co­la­te, chips and other un­heal­t­hy snacks you eat.

4. Drink lots of water. Water is a major part of stay­ing heal­t­hy.

5. Get an hour of exer­cise a day. You should try to in­clude an hour of phy­si­cal ac­ti­vi­ty in your sche­du­le every day.

6. Get enough sleep. 11-13 year old kids should sleep 9,5 hours a night.


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Text-​based tasks

Connect the matching sentences. Verbinde die passenden Sätze.

  • You need vitamins and minerals to stay strong and healthy.
  • Vegetables come in many different types.
  • Avoid too much sugar.
  • Being healthy is all about eating right.
  • 11-13 year old kids should sleep 9,5 hours a night.
  • Gesund zu sein bedeutet, sich richtig zu ernähren.
  • 11-13 Jahre alte Kinder sollten 9,5 Stunden pro Nacht schlafen.
  • Du brauchst Vitamine und Mineralien, um stark und gesund zu bleiben.
  • Gemüse gibt es in vielen verschiedenen Sorten.
  • Vermeide zu viel Zucker.
True or false ? Tick the cor­rect state­ment. Rich­tig oder falsch? Hake die rich­ti­gen Aus­sa­gen ab.
To be heal­t­hy means to eat good food.
Sleep is not im­portant for being heal­t­hy.
Eat a lot of sugar to be heal­t­hy.
Water is good for your health.
Do not exer­cise - this will make you sick.