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  • 04.10.2022
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Watch the video about
'Kids React to Giving Up Social Media for a Week'

True or false? Tick the correct statement.
The kids love the idea of a digital detox!
The kids have to give up their social media life for one week.
For some kids it is getting easier and easier.
The kids think their parents could make the challenge.

Listen to the text

All necessary vocabulary
can be found on Quizlet

Take a digital break and go wild!

Here is the thing, when we are bored we tend to go online. There is so much to see on our technical devices. They never sleep!! Luckily, there are a lot of alternatives to screen time. Kids, there are plenty of things to do other than sitting in front of your device.

Try this:

- get back to nature – explore our garden, sit under a tree, listen to sounds outside, meet friends for a picnic, throw rocks into the stream, build a treehouse, make rock art or just go for a walk

- get the games out - enjoy a board game afternoon with your friends or family, create riddles and challenge your friends, come up with new board game ideas

- start cooking – make a meal plan with your family, bake together, learn how to make something new like pasta or bread, make homemade pizza, try to make ice cream yourself

- be active – go swimming, cycling, indoor climbing, walking, join a local sports club, dance in front of the mirror, try smiling :-))

- get creative – write, draw, make and create. Use everything you can think of to create something new. Use plastic to make art. Use cardboard to print patterns. Use old clothes to sew new things. Go wild!
Which statement is correct and which is incorrect? Tick the statements.
Es gibt viele Alternativen zur Screen Time.
Man kann rausgehen oder einen Spiele-Abend veranstalten.
Man könnte zusammen mit dem Auto fahren.
Klettern und auch Schreiben sind gute Möglichkeiten.
Answer the following questions in German.

  • Was machen wir, wenn wir uns langweilen?

  • Was könnten wir draußen unternehmen? Nenne 3 Dinge.

  • Wie könnten wir kreativ sein ? Nenne 2 Dinge.
Answer the question in German.

  • What do you usually do when you are bored?

Watch this animation about
'Introducing Alexander von Humboldt'

Who was Alexander?

After his parents died he

Which statements are correct and which are incorrect?
When Alexander was little, he always carried plants, rocks and even lizards around.
Alexander wrote and published 38 books.
Humboldt died in Berlin shortly before his 90th birthday.
He inspired others with his great achievements.
List some of the things that are named after Alexander von Humboldt.