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  • 26.09.2023
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Watch the video about
'Kids React to Gi­ving Up So­cial Media for a Week'

True or false? Tick the cor­rect state­ment.
The kids love the idea of a di­gi­tal detox!
The kids have to give up their so­cial media life for one week.
For some kids it is get­ting ea­sier and ea­sier.
The kids think their pa­rents could make the chal­len­ge.

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All ne­cessa­ry vo­ca­bu­la­ry
can be found on Quiz­let

Take a di­gi­tal break and go wild!

Here is the thing, when we are bored we tend to go on­line. There is so much to see on our tech­ni­cal de­vices. They never sleep!! Lucki­ly, there are a lot of al­ter­na­ti­ves to screen time. Kids, there are plenty of things to do other than sit­ting in front of your de­vice.

Try this:

- get back to na­tu­re – ex­plo­re our gar­den, sit under a tree, lis­ten to sounds out­si­de, meet fri­ends for a picnic, throw rocks into the stream, build a tree­house, make rock art or just go for a walk

- get the games out - enjoy a board game af­ter­no­on with your fri­ends or fa­mi­ly, crea­te ridd­les and chal­len­ge your fri­ends, come up with new board game ideas

- start coo­king – make a meal plan with your fa­mi­ly, bake together, learn how to make so­me­thing new like pasta or bread, make ho­me­ma­de pizza, try to make ice cream yours­elf

- be ac­ti­ve – go swim­ming, cy­cling, in­door clim­bing, wal­king, join a local sports club, dance in front of the mir­ror, try smi­ling :-))

- get crea­ti­ve – write, draw, make and crea­te. Use ever­ything you can think of to crea­te so­me­thing new. Use plastic to make art. Use card­board to print pat­terns. Use old clothes to sew new things. Go wild!
Which state­ment is cor­rect and which is in­cor­rect? Tick the state­ments.
Es gibt viele Al­ter­na­ti­ven zur Screen Time.
Man kann raus­ge­hen oder einen Spiele-​Abend ver­an­stal­ten.
Man könn­te zu­sam­men mit dem Auto fah­ren.
Klet­tern und auch Schrei­ben sind gute Mög­lich­kei­ten.
An­s­wer the fol­lo­wing ques­ti­ons in Ger­man.

  • Was ma­chen wir, wenn wir uns lang­wei­len?

  • Was könn­ten wir drau­ßen un­ter­neh­men? Nenne 3 Dinge.

  • Wie könn­ten wir krea­tiv sein ? Nenne 2 Dinge.
An­s­wer the ques­ti­on in Ger­man.

  • What do you usual­ly do when you are bored?

Watch this ani­ma­ti­on about
'In­tro­du­cing Alex­an­der von Hum­boldt'

Who was Alexander?

After his parents died he

Which state­ments are cor­rect and which are in­cor­rect?
When Alex­an­der was litt­le, he al­ways car­ri­ed plants, rocks and even li­zards around.
Alex­an­der wrote and pu­blished 38 books.
Hum­boldt died in Ber­lin short­ly be­fo­re his 90th birth­day.
He in­spi­red others with his great achie­ve­ments.
List some of the things that are named after Alex­an­der von Hum­boldt.