• Hello, I am Lucy
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  • 04.10.2022
  • English
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Hello, I am Lucy

'Hello, nice to meet you! I am Lucy and I am eleven years old. My family comes from England. We live in a house next to my grandparents. The city we live in is called Leeds.

My little sister is very little. Her name is Sue.

I love her!

My two older brothers like to play football. They play football when it is sunny or rainy.

When me and my cousins are together, we have a lot of fun.

Everyone in our family likes animals. We have a dog and a cat. My dog is old but my cat is young. Do you have pets ?

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True or false? Richtig oder falsch?
The girl's name is Sue.
The family lives in Leeds.
Her brothers like to play games.
Her sister is very little.
They all love pets.
Where does the family live?

  • The family lives in London.
  • The family lives in Manchester.
  • The family lives in Leeds.
What does the family like?

  • The family likes cake.
  • The family likes animals.
  • The family likes robots.
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