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Lis­ten to the You­Tube video
‚Why do we feel awk­ward?
6 Mi­nu­te Eng­lish‘

Which state­ments are true and which are wrong? Tick the cor­rect box.

Dan feels com­for­ta­ble watching ro­man­tic sce­nes on TV with his pa­rents.
So­cial rules con­trol our lives.
It would be to­tal­ly right to ask a stran­ger how much money he/she ear­ned.
So­cial rules can be seen and we lis­ten to them.
Another word for brea­king a rule is to breach a rule.
New York has the ol­dest un­der­ground rail­way.
Awk­ward­ness means an un­com­for­ta­ble fee­ling in a so­cial si­tua­ti­on.
Write the cor­rect name (Neil, Dan, Dr.Raj Per­saud) under the state­ment.

I am pret­ty con­fi­dent about this!

Oh yes, that would be wrong, wouldn't it?

Which city has the ol­dest rail­way sta­ti­on?

I am ha­ving se­cond throughts.

They are so im­plict.