• Listening: High School Life
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  • 19.03.2021
  • English
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    Listen to Brady talking about how American high schools are like in reality.
    Listen to the text twice and complete the table.

    time school starts:

    time schools ends:

    main sports in the winter:


    that's very American:

    Listen to Erica talking about American school clubs.
    Listen to the text twice and tick the correct answer.
    Which sport is not offered at Erica's high school?
    • baseball
    • soccer
    • rugby
    • field hockey
    Why do you join a debate club?
    • Because you want to be a politician.
    • Because you want to spend time with your friends.
    • Because you like writing stories.
    • Because you want to be on TV.
    What did Erica not do in the education club?
    • They read books to little children.
    • They wrapped gifts for poor families.
    • They went to elementary schools.
    • They helped cook a Christmas meal.