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  • 20.09.2023
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Watch the video 'Union is strength'.

Read the video de­scrip­ti­on.
A sin­gle crab is at the beach.
A seagull no­ti­ces the crab and starts to at­tack.
The crab calls its fri­ends.
Together they form a squa­re.
Ever­yo­ne lifts up one pin­cer.
The seagull at­tacks and loo­ses all of its feathers!
A line of ants walks along a path.
All ants carry so­me­thing.
The last ant gets su­cked away by a big ant eater.
The com­man­der ant calls all ants to help.
The ants build a ball, which the ant eater sucks to its trunk.
The ant ball blocks the trunk of the ant eater and it can­not brea­the any­mo­re.
A group of pen­gu­ins sits on a piece of ice, which floats through the ocean.
A fin ap­pears in the water.
Then the orca emer­ges from the water and swims to­ward the pen­gu­ins.
One pen­gu­in no­ti­ces the orca and calls its fri­ends for ac­tion.
All pen­gu­ins move to one side. The other side of the ice shifts. The orca hits the piece of ice.
An­s­wer the ques­ti­ons in Eng­lish. Use the simp­le pre­sent.

  • Wel­che Tiere kom­men im Video vor ?

  • Was for­men die Krab­ben um sich zu schüt­zen ?

  • Vor wem schüt­zen sich die Amei­sen ?

  • Wo­ge­gen schwimmt der Orka ?

The video is about crabs, ants and penguins. There is also a seagull, an anteater and an orca in the video.
The crabs form a square to protect themselves.
The ants fight the anteater.
The orca swims against the ice.
Er­zäh­le das Video auf Deutsch nach. Nutze deine ei­ge­nen Worte.
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