• Meet and Speak
  • MNWeG
  • 16.03.2023
  • English
  • E (Expertenstandard)
  • 7
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Further spea­king op­ti­ons

1. Act the story out with your fri­ends and pre­sent it to an au­di­ence!

2. Crea­te an audio and read the book aloud, also in­clude sound ef­fec­ts!

Find a part­ner and have a con­ver­sa­ti­on about the book.

What did you like best in the story?

Can you re-​tell the most si­gni­fi­cant parts of the story?

What do you know about pi­ra­tes in sto­ries?

Who is your most fa­vo­ri­te cha­rac­ter? Why?

Would you like to be on an is­land?

What do you know about the au­t­hor?