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In zoos, oran­gutans learn to copy things we do. They are able to saw wood and ham­mer nails!

Oran­gutan means 'per­son of the fo­rest'. It is a good name, be­cau­se the oran­ge apes do not like to leave the tree­tops.

Oran­gutans swing th­rough the trees using their long arms, loo­king for ripe fruit to eat.

When it rains, oran­gutans hold a large leaf over their head as an um­brel­la.

Each evening they bend bran­ches to build a new nest of lea­ves to sleep in.

Most oran­gutans live on their own, but mo­thers go ever­y­whe­re with their ba­bies.

A baby shares its mo­ther's nest every night for eight years!

The lar­ger male oran­gutans spend more time on the fo­rest floor.

You can tell a male by his unusu­al cheek pads.

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