• Phase 9 Mountain Pose
  • MNWeG
  • 15.12.2022
  • English
  • 9
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De­scri­be these poses. Num­ber them and write the de­scrip­ti­on next to the num­ber.
1. Stand straight. Hands together in front of your chest.
2. Stand straight. Let your arms hang next to your body.
3. Stand straight and have your arms wide to the sides.
4. Stand straight. Take your arms over­head and in­ter­lace the fin­gers.
5. Stand straight. Have your hands over your head. Your hands are stret­ched out, poin­ting up­wards.
6. Stand straight. Have your hands together over your head.

Lis­ten to the moun­tain story.

An­s­wer the fol­lo­wing ques­ti­ons. Write sen­ten­ces.
Are there days when you feel like a moun­tain?
Are there days when you do not feel strong and sta­ble?
Could the moun­tain pose help you and when could it help you?