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  • 15.12.2022
  • English
  • Grammar
  • M (Mindeststandard)
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Enter the cor­rect form of 'to be'

Choo­se bet­ween 'is' or 'are'
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Ex­amp­le: Oran­gutans are li­ving in the fo­rest.

Oran­gutans spen­ding most of their lives in trees fo­rests in Su­ma­tra and Bor­neo.

The oran­gutan get­ting its food from the trees.

The oran­ge ape buil­ding nests in the bran­ches to sleep in.

Their long arms hel­ping them swing from tree to tree.

They using their hands and feet to grab and hold tree bran­ches and food. Oran­gutans are very smart.

A oran­gutan sit­ting under leafy bran­ches when it rains.

Connect the sentences

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  • are helping the orangutans.
  • Many orangutans
  • A baby orangutan
  • is sitting under leafy branches.
  • The male ape
  • are eating fruit and vegetables.
  • is learning to scoop water.
  • The teachers
Enter the present progressive into the gaps.

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am thinking
are drinking
are learning
are walking
is finding
is sitting
  • On the ground, orangutans on all fours.
  • The orangutan its food in the trees.
  • Orangutans rain water found on leaves.
  • The male orangutan in the treetops.
  • A lot of orangutan babies in the forest school.
  • I a lot about orangutans.
Crea­te sen­ten­ces.
Use the cor­rect form of the pre­sent pro­gres­si­ve.

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  • I / read a book.

  • He/ sing a song.

  • We/ eat pizza.

  • The ape/ sit in the tree.

Tick the correct sentence.

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Tick the correct sentence.

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Write the cor­rect verb form into the gaps.
Use the pre­sent pro­gres­si­ve.
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Tina on the chair? (to sit)

the apes in the tree? (to sleep)

the baby how to scoop water? (to learn)

the oran­gutans swin­ging from the trees? (to swing)

Write the cor­rect verb form into the gaps.
Use the pre­sent pro­gres­si­ve.
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in the tree? (the baby/to hang)

in the nest? (he/to sleep)

about apes? (you/to learn)

the oran­gutans? (we/to copy)

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