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  • 15.12.2022
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Make sen­ten­ces in pre­sent pro­gres­si­ve.
10 / 10
a) I / to sit on a chair

I am sitting on a chair.

b) He / to sing a song

He is singing a song.

c) She / to walk the dog.

She is walking the dog.

c) We / to watch the movie.

We are watching the movie.

d) The kids/ to eat their pizza.

The kids are eating their pizza.

Make ques­ti­ons in pre­sent pro­gres­si­ve.
8 / 8
a) Susie - to want - a new dress

Is Susie wanting a new dress?

b) they - to clean - the floor

Are they cleaning the floor?

c) you - to lis­ten - to the te­acher

Are you listening to the teacher?

c) I - to think

Am I thinking?

Write the sen­ten­ces again. Put them into their ne­ga­ti­ve ver­si­on.
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a) We are play­ing a game.
Ordne zu!
  • We are playing a game.
  • We are not playing a game
We are not play­ing a game.
b)They are ea­ting together.

They are not eating together.

c) I am wor­king at home.

I am not working at home.

d) Laura is dancing in a club.

Laura is not dancing in a club.

e) Dad is wor­king in the gar­den.

Dad is not working in the garden.

Ask for the part writ­ten in bold let­ters.
4 / 4
a) Ash­ley is going to a re­stau­rant.
Where is Ash­ley going?
b)They are mee­ting in the af­ter­no­on.

When are they meeting?

c)The child is sin­ging a song.

What is the child singing?

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