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Watch the animated video
'Nell's book'

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on Quizlet

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Finish the sentences.
Beende die Sätze.
  • The other girl, Sunita,
  • One girl, Saffron,
  • At home
  • When Nell touched
  • Her friends
  • Nell sat
  • The girl in the story
  • The girls
  • liked books a lot.
  • looked at their gadgets.
  • in a wheelchair.
  • had a conversation about books and gadgets.
  • held a tablet in her hands.
  • looked at her phone.
  • Nell opened a book about pets.
  • the picture, the animals became real!
Who says it?
Wer sagt das?
  • : ''Why don't you look at books? We are in a library.''
  • : ''Books are old-fashioned.''
  • : '' That's boring.I like things to be different.''
  • : ''This is unreal!''
  • : '' That book is just cats. Look, I can change this.''
  • : ''I like turning the pages to see what comes next.''
Put the story in order. Bringe die Geschichte in die richtige Reihenfolge.

  • At home, Nell is looking at one of her favorite books about pets.
  • Nell and her friends are in the library.
  • Soon the room is full of animals, like a zoo.
  • When she touches her book, a cat appears.
  • She clapped her hands and the pets disappear.
  • Her friends show her kittens and unicorns on their gadgets.

Watch the animated video
'Shoe shop'

Find the correct answer. Connect the sentences.
Finde die richtige Antwort. Verbinde die Sätze.
  • What size does the girl need?
  • Where are the cheaper shoes?
  • How does the girl pay?
  • Where are the shoes that the girl likes the most?
  • Who helps the girl?
  • What shop does the girl visit?
  • Why is the girl upset?
  • The girl visits a shoe shop.
  • The shoes which the girl likes the most are behind the glass window.
  • A woman helps the girl.
  • The girl is upset because the shoes are too expensive.
  • The cheaper shoes are in the corner.
  • The girl needs size 5.
  • The girl pays with cash.
Right or wrong? Tick the correct statement.
Richtig oder falsch, kreuze die richtige Aussage an.
The girl has a bad taste.
The shoes are all on sale.
The girl can't have a discount.
The shoes are too small.
The girl needs shoes one size bigger.
The woman in the shop is very angry.
Watch the video again. Write down the conversation of the woman and the girl.
Schaue dir das Video erneut an. Schreibe die Unterhaltung zwischen der Frau und dem Mädchen auf.

Watch the animated story
'A monster shopping trip'

Circle the correct word.
Hake das richtige Wort ab.

It's Hairy Henry's ...

Loony Lou and Gorgonzola decide to buy him a ...

They took the ... back home.

They were so excited about Hairy Henry's birthday ...