• Simple Past
  • MNWeG
  • 15.12.2022
  • English
  • Grammar
  • M (Mindeststandard)
  • 7
  • Gelingensnachweis
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Put the phra­ses into simp­le past.

6 / 6

I see =

I learn =

He eats =

We sing =

They visit =

You sleep =

Ques­ti­ons in simp­le past. Put the cor­rect verb form into the gap!

5 / 5

you home after school or not? (to go)

he pro­blems in math be­fo­re? (to have)

the woman the en­ti­re cake? (to eat)

I re­al­ly that out loud? (to say)

the boy across the street when the car came? (to run)

Ques­ti­ons and sen­ten­ces in simp­le past.

Put the verbs in the bra­ckets into the simp­le past. Form sen­ten­ces or ques­ti­ons.

19 / 19

you (to see)the sun this mor­ning?

I (to see) it and it (to be) be­au­ti­ful.

Last night I (to sleep) not too good.

My back (to hurt) me.

you (to sleep) good? When you (to go) to bed last night?

I (to go) to bed re­al­ly late.

We (to play) a game together and it (to take) so long.

My mo­ther (to say) this (to be) the lon­gest game she ever (to play).

But I (to re­mem­ber) that school starts at 9.

So I (to think) it will be fine that I (to stay) up late.

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