• Stop the food waste
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  • 26.09.2023
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Stop was­ting food

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Love Food Hate Waste
Save food. Beat the bin.

Let us kick off a new trend – sa­ving edi­ble food ra­ther than chu­ck­ing it in the bin. 'Love Food Hate Waste' is on a mis­si­on to en­su­re all edi­ble food is eaten across the world, star­ting with each of us in our own homes.
It takes water, en­er­gy, fuel and packa­ging to pro­du­ce the food we all love and buy. Does it re­al­ly be­long in the bin?

Half of the food we throw away can be eaten, kee­ping it out of the bin is good for our po­ckets and the pla­net com­bi­ned.

For more in­for­ma­ti­on check out:

All necess­a­ry vo­ca­bu­la­ry
can be found on Quizlet

Did you know that you can toast bread straight from the free­zer and still have the same de­li­cious taste? Well it's true! Every day in the UK, 20 mil­li­on slices of bread are thrown away - most­ly be­cau­se they are not used in time.

That means that the average per­son in the UK throws out more than half of a loaf of bread every month! You can keep bread for lon­ger by put­ting it in the free­zer and then use it straight from fro­zen to make toast.

Check out the Toast Sa­ving Re­ci­pes

Write down your fa­vo­ri­te toast sa­ving re­ci­pe from the web­site: https://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/toast?_ga=2.174357670.507154792.1598617600-1717469088.1598524361
Look at the text on page 1 & 2 and work th­rough the fol­lo­wing tasks.
Fill the correct verbs into the gaps. Use the simple past.

  • The texts about a new trend.
  • 'Love Food Hate Waste' this new trend.
  • They have always to save edible food.
  • They say that if we more than we can help to stop the food waste.
  • Stopping the food waste , is and will be important for all of us.
Ans­wer the ques­ti­on in a com­ple­te sen­tence.

Why is so much bread thrown away every day in the UK ?

Watch this ani­ma­ti­on about
'Sa­ving­Food Edu­ca­ti­o­nal on food waste'
Which state­ments are true and which are false?
Food is waste while other people on the pla­net are hungry.
Food in land­fills lets of a gas that is good for the pla­net.
You do not need a lot of water to make bread.
A food chain de­scri­bes all stages of food pro­duc­tion.
Was­ting food also means to waste re­sour­ces.
Every year one third of our food is res­cued.
Sort the tips for stopping the food waste.
  • Shop smart and get all your family involved.
  • Keep notes of food which your family throws away.
  • Plan your meals and make a shopping list before you go shopping.
  • Check what is in the fridge already.
  • Don't buy food because it looks perfect.
  • Think about why you and your family throw these foods away.
  • Read expiration dates correctly.