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Stop wasting food

Listen to the text

Love Food Hate Waste
Save food. Beat the bin.

Let us kick off a new trend – saving edible food rather than chucking it in the bin. 'Love Food Hate Waste' is on a mission to ensure all edible food is eaten across the world, starting with each of us in our own homes.
It takes water, energy, fuel and packaging to produce the food we all love and buy. Does it really belong in the bin?

Half of the food we throw away can be eaten, keeping it out of the bin is good for our pockets and the planet combined.

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Did you know that you can toast bread straight from the freezer and still have the same delicious taste? Well it's true! Every day in the UK, 20 million slices of bread are thrown away - mostly because they are not used in time.

That means that the average person in the UK throws out more than half of a loaf of bread every month! You can keep bread for longer by putting it in the freezer and then use it straight from frozen to make toast.

Check out the Toast Saving Recipes

Look at the text on page 1 & 2 and work through the following tasks.
Fill the correct verbs into the gaps. Use the simple past.

  • The texts were about a new trend.
  • 'Love Food Hate Waste' started this new trend.
  • They have always tried to save edible food.
  • They say that if we cared more than we can help to stop the food waste.
  • Stopping the food waste was , is and will be important for all of us.
Answer the question in a complete sentence.

Why is so much bread thrown away every day in the UK ?

Watch this animation about
'SavingFood Educational on food waste'

Which statements are true and which are false?
Food is waste while other people on the planet are hungry.
Food in landfills lets of a gas that is good for the planet.
You do not need a lot of water to make bread.
A food chain describes all stages of food production.
Wasting food also means to waste resources.
Every year one third of our food is rescued.
Sort the tips for stopping the food waste.
  • 3
    Shop smart and get all your family involved.
  • 1
    Keep notes of food which your family throws away.
  • 5
    Plan your meals and make a shopping list before you go shopping.
  • 4
    Check what is in the fridge already.
  • 6
    Don't buy food because it looks perfect.
  • 2
    Think about why you and your family throw these foods away.
  • 7
    Read expiration dates correctly.