• Story: Rich man, poor man
  • MNWeG
  • 10.11.2021
  • English
  • Grammar, Listening, Literature, Speaking, Vocabulary, Writing
  • M (Mindeststandard)
  • 6
  • Arbeitsblatt
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Listen to chapter one again. Find the suitable words and fill in the gaps.

One day a postman came to my village.

The postman brought me a letter of my son, Saul.

The postman looked at the envelope again. From Saul, he said. He gave me the letter and walked away.

Martha, Martha, I called to my wife. Come here! We have a letter from our son, Saul.

Is he alive and well? I am going to find the school teacher. He can read the letter.

Saul is making a lot of money in a foreign country.

A lot of other people came. Everybody wanted to hear my letter.