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On its own, one ant is not very power­ful, but ants in a group be­have like a sin­gle strong ani­mal. An ant mega-​group is cal­led a co­lo­ny and is ruled by a queen.

She is ser­ved by thousands of daugh­ters, cal­led wor­kers, and pro­tec­ted by sol­diers.

The sol­diers guard the co­lo­ny and often have huge jaws and a pain­ful sting.

Ants eat lots of dif­fe­rent foods. Army ants march through fo­rests and catch un­lu­cky creepy-​crawlies. Ho­ney­pot ants swell up as they store sweet nec­tar from flowers in their bel­lies -​people in Aus­tra­lia and North Ame­ri­ca used to suck them like candy!

Leaf­cut­ter ants are far­mers.

The wor­kers cut lea­ves and carry them to their nest. Here the lea­ves rot and fungi grow on them.

The ants then eat the fungi.

A leaf­cut­ter ant nest may be home to five mil­li­on fe­ma­le wor­kers!

Lis­ten to the text

Right or wrong ? Tick the cor­rect state­ment.
A sin­gle ant is not strong.
A group of ants is as strong as a human.
A co­lo­ny is the name of wor­ker ants.
Sol­diers are pro­tec­ting the nest.
Peo­ple ate ants like candy!
Leaf­cut­ter ants eat lea­ves.
Fi­nish the sen­ten­ces with in­for­ma­ti­on found in the text.

For ex­am­ple:
A huge group of ants .... A huge group of ants is cal­led a co­lo­ny.

  • Sol­dier ants

  • Ants eat
An­s­wer the ques­ti­ons in com­ple­te sen­ten­ces.

For ex­am­ple:

When do ants be­co­me power­ful?
Ants be­co­me power­ful when they are in a large group.

  • Who rules the co­lo­ny?

  • What do leaf­cut­ter ants eat?