• Text-based tasks
  • MNWeG
  • 14.05.2024
  • English
  • R (Regelstandard)
  • 7
Um die Lizenzinformationen zu sehen, klicken Sie bitte den gewünschten Inhalt an.
De­ci­de whe­ther the fol­lo­wing state­ments are true or false.
Her mo­ther told her to give up quick­ly.
She was ten when she de­ci­ded to go to Af­ri­ca.
Sci­en­tists told her she did her stu­dies right.
Jane is most proud of that she hel­ped to mi­sun­derstand chim­pan­zees.
Hu­mans are not se­pa­ra­te from the ani­mal king­dom.
Her fa­vo­ri­te chimp was Da­ni­el Grey­be­ard.
An­s­wer the ques­ti­ons in com­ple­te sen­ten­ces using in­for­ma­ti­on from the text.

  • What did David Grey­be­ard show Jane

  • What ad­vice did Jane give the NG Kids rea­ders?
1) David Grey­be­ard was the first who de­mons­tra­ted how to make and use tools.

2) Jane says know what you want and re­al­ly want what you want. She ad­vices the rea­ders to keep their eyes open for op­por­tu­ni­ties.
Ask ques­ti­ons.

You meet Dr. Jane Goodall on a con­fe­rence. Ask her three ques­ti­ons about her work with the chim­pan­zees.
1. How did you feel when you made con­tact to the chim­pan­zees for the very first time?
2. What did you do when you felt lo­ne­ly in the jung­le?
3. What can we do to save the ani­mals?