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The author: Mark Twain

Read pages 4 and 5 while lis­te­ning to them

Match the sen­ten­ces
After re­a­ding and lis­te­ning match the sen­ten­ces with the cor­rect ans­wer.
  • Back then Mark Twain meant
  • His books are translated
  • He became a famous writer
  • Mark Twain
  • Mark Twain‘s real name was
  • Mark Twain married Olivia „Livy“ Langdon
  • He began working
  • was born in Florida, Missouri.
  • Samuel Langhorne Clemens.
  • as a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi River.
  • safe water ahead.
  • and he travelled to different places in the world.
  • and had three daughters and a son.
  • into more than 70 languages.
Mark Twain

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