• The seadragon
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  • 15.12.2022
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A male weedy seadra­gon

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Seadra­gons are some of the stran­gest fish in the sea.

The weedy seadra­gon in par­ti­cu­lar looks more like sea­weed than a fish.

It has flaps of skin that make wavy bran­ches, which help to dis­gu­i­se it.

The seadra­gon also drifts along like sea­weed. So a pre­da­tor might swim straight by wit­hout re­co­gni­zing it.

For a mouth, seadra­gons have a tube that is per­fect for su­ck­ing up shrimp and tiny plank­ton.

Seadra­gons are cou­sins of seahor­ses. Like seahor­ses, it's the fathers who are in char­ge of the eggs.

The male weedy seadra­gon's tail turns yel­low when he is ready to carry eggs.

Each dra­gon dad car­ri­es around two hund­red eggs, which the fe­ma­le seadra­gon gave him.

The eggs stick safe­ly under his leafy tail until they are ready to hatch.

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