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Two weedy seadra­gons dance into the night

Watch the video and
work through the tasks.

Sort the sentences.
  • 1
    It is the beginning of spring.
  • 3
    Two months later, the male seadragon carries the eggs.
  • 4
    The father kept the eggs safe under his tail.
  • 5
    The eggs are now ready to hatch!
  • 2
    In the evening light the two seahorses start to dance.
What were the two seadragons doing?

Take notes about the video. Write your notes into the table below.

Female seadragon

Male seadragon

Baby seadragon

dances with the male

carries the eggs at his tail


gives the eggs to the male

keeps the eggs safe

hatch from the tail

leaves the male and the eggs

cares for the young

are soon by themselves