• Vocabulary and Grammar - 'Media'
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  • 12.04.2022
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Explain the following words in complete sentences.
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a) article

b) communication

Read the text. Find the suitable forms of the words and write them down.
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The (important) of media has never been more essential than nowadays. Today's audience has the (to choose) amongst many different media types. (to cover) of any information in the world are done by the media. Some media providers even have different (to edit) for their audience. News reporter are (to report) from all around the world. More and more advertisements are made. Viewers are especially interested in (mystery) stories. Media types have (to vary) in the past time. Lots of different media receiving devices were (to sell). In the future, media companies (to publish) content online, themselves as modern and the place to get the best news.

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