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  • 15.12.2022
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De­scri­be a weedy seadra­gon in de­tail!

  • Write down ever­ything you know about the weedy seadra­gon.

  • De­scri­be the ap­pearance of the weedy seadra­gon.

  • In­clude your opi­ni­on about the weedy seadra­gon. Do you like it and why? What fa­s­ci­na­tes you about the weedy seadra­gon?

  • Write about 50 words.
The weedy seadra­gon looks like sea­weed. This help to pro­tect it, so it does not get eaten by other fish.
It has vi­brant co­lors and is breathta­king. The fe­ma­le and male dra­gons dance to mate and the fe­ma­le trans­fers the small eggs to the male. The male takes care of the eggs until they hatch.
I re­al­ly like the seadra­gon be­cau­se it looks like a dra­gon and is be­au­ti­ful. They amaze me.

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