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Fill the coun­try Wales with the co­lors of the welsh flag.

The Bri­tish Isles

Lo­ca­te the fol­lo­wing ci­ties in Wales on your map. Mark them with a star and write their name next to it.

  • Car­diff
  • Ll­an­fairpw­llg­wy­n­gyll­go­gerychwy­rn­drobw­llllan­ty­si­lio­go­go­goch
  • St.Da­vids
  • Swan­sea
  • Ystrad­gy­n­lais

Bog snor­ke­ling

Watch this clip and find out what

bog snor­kel­ling looks like.

State what you think about this very unusu­al sport. In­clu­de the fol­lo­wing:
  • Ex­pla­na­ti­on of bog snor­kel­ling
  • Would you like to parti­ci­pa­te?
  • Re­a­sons why you would like to/not like to parti­ci­pa­te
  • What do you think of this sport?

Find out more about:

Bog snor­kel­ling