• ÜB:ÜBUNG: Simple present / Die einfache Gegenwart (2)
  • IsabelleG
  • 19.09.2023
  • English
  • Grammar
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Exer­cises about the simp­le pre­sent (2)

Tick the cor­rect ne­ga­ti­ve sen­ten­ces in simp­le pre­sent:
a. You aren´t good at Maths.
b. Peter doesn´t eat po­tato­es.
c. We write not a let­ter.
d. They aren´t ea­ting pasta.
e. Sa­scha doesn´t play foot­ball on Thurs­day.
f. Your fri­end don´t watch TV.
Fill in don´t or doesn´t:

1. We watch TV.

2. School start at nine o´clock.

3. My pet like ve­ge­ta­bles.

4. Paul and Jenna like metal music.

5. Jus­ti­ne drink tea.

6. You lis­ten to me.

7. My fri­end and I play in the same team.

8. The John­sons eat meat.
Fill in am not, aren´t, isn´t:

a. My fri­end from New York.

b. They at the ci­ne­ma.

c. You a good rea­der.

d. It cold out­si­de. I

e. I a good wor­ker.

f. We a big fa­mi­ly.

g. You quiet today.
Write down the sen­ten­ces with the cor­rect ne­ga­ti­ve form:

1. I go swim­ming every Sun­day.


2. You are a nice boy.


3. We do our ho­me­work after school.


4. Toby takes the train every mor­ning.