• ÜB:ÜBUNG: Simple present / Die einfache Gegenwart (3)
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  • 19.09.2023
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Tick the cor­rect ques­ti­ons in the simp­le pre­sent:

a. Do Emily like cats?

b. Are your pa­rents from Chi­ca­go?
c. Is your dog tall?
d. Does Tom and toni watch TV every day?
e. Does your mum cook on Sun­days?
Com­ple­te the ques­ti­ons with do, does or is, are:

• a) your team play again­st us?

• b) . Pa­tri­cia and Da­vina talk du­ring the les­son?

• c) Lotte your best fri­end?

. d) your pa­rents read books?

e) your cats fri­end­ly?

f) they like milk?
___Read the an­s­wers. Com­ple­te the ques­ti­ons with the cor­rect ques­ti­on word: who, where, when, how, why or what:__

a) do your grand­pa­rents live? - They live in Ber­lin.

b) does Ro­bert do? - Ro­bert plays the drums.

c) do you get up in the mor­ning? - | get up at six o'clock.

d) are we late? - We're late be­cau­se the train didn't come.

e) is your fa­vou­ri­te music? - My fa­vou­ri­te music is jazz.

f) does your brot­her plav? - Mv brot­her plays ten­nis.
Write down the ques­ti­ons. Use do,does or is, are.
Write down short an­s­wers, too.

a. you like tea? - Yes, .

b. your sis­ter small? - No, .

c. Erna go ri­ding? - Yes, .

d. you make break­fast? - No, .

e. he the head­mas­ter? - Yes, .

f. your neigh­bours sing in a choir? - No, .

g. we fri­ends? - Yes, .

h. you good at school? - Yes, .

i. your cat like coke? - No, .