• Englisch 9(R) - 2.Grammar
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  • 22.01.2023
  • English
  • Grammar
  • R (Regelstandard)
  • 9
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Don't write on this sheet of paper.

Take an own sheet (lined).

Don't for­get your name, the class and the date (in Eng­lish).
Don't fill in - but write the ques­ti­ons on an extra sheet.
8 / 8
An in­ter­view for the school ma­ga­zi­ne
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Du hast von 16 Punkten erreicht (bestanden bei 13 Punkten).



What are your fa­vou­ri­te sub­jec­ts (at school) ? / Do you have a fa­vou­ri­te sub­ject at school?

When are you going to leave school?

What / Which lan­guage(s) do you speak? / Do you speak any lan­guages?

Do you (know how to) play an in­stru­ment?

What is your grea­test strength? / What do you think is your grea­test strength?

Do you have a (part-​time) job? / Do you work at the weekends?

Have you ever wor­ked with child­ren? / Have you wor­ked with child­ren be­fo­re / in the past?

When can you start (wor­king here)?


Do you write every day?

When do you nor­mal­ly / usual­ly start wor­king / wri­ting in the mor­ning?

Have you ever had a wri­ter's block?

Are you wor­king on / wri­ting a new book at the mo­ment / now?

What's your new book about?

When will your new book come out?

How long did it take you to write your last book?

How did you get the idea for your last book?