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Ma­king Ar­ran­ge­ments

Ac­cep­ting an in­vi­ta­ti­on
Sarah has been i­niv­te­d to an in­ter­view­. Help her with the job in­ter­view­.

-​interview dates
-​interview times
-car par­king fa­ci­li­ties
-what kind of food the can­teen of­fers
page 66
b) Write the e-​mail into your fol­der.

OR: Go to the mar­ket and ask the te­acher for a copy of the phra­ses. Cut them out and glue them into your fol­der in the cor­recc­t order.

Extra Ar­beits­blät­ter be­fin­den sich im Schrank hin­ter dem Leh­rer­tisch.

Dear Ms Pym

Thank you for your let­ter of 25th May. I would like to come for an in­ter­view­ on Wed­nes­day 16th June. Plea­se let me know when I s­hould ar­ri­ve at your of­fice.

I would like to tra­vel to B­righ­ton by car. Is there a car park near ypur of­fice?

It will be in­te­resting to meet other can­di­da­tes du­ring lunch. Can you tell me if your can­teen of­fers ve­ge­ta­ri­an food?

I look for­ward to mee­ting­ you.

Yours sin­ce­re­ly
Sarah Dee

A­gre­e­in­g on de­tail­s

Skills File

Wri­ting let­ters

page 154

page 66
page 66
ex­am­ple: If you have other words, you can ask your te­acher.

Dear Ms Pym

Thank you for your let­ter of 27th of May. I would pre­fer an in­ter­view­ at 2.30 pm and will make sure that I ar­ri­ve in time for lunch at 12.15 pm. I have de­ci­de­d to tra­vel to B­righ­ton by train. I would be very happy if you could book my ti­ckets as you of­fe­re­d in your mail.
I am very glad your can­teen of­fers ve­ge­ta­ri­an dis­hes too. Many thanks.
I look for­ward to mee­ting­ you and the other can­di­da­tes.

Your sin­ce­re­ly
Sarah Dee