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Small talk
In Eng­lish spea­king coun­t­ries small talk is quite im­portant. What us small talk? Find out more in the fol­lo­wing exe­ricses.

page 69
a) + b)
page 69
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Start of the mee­ting:
Was the flight okay?
How was your trip?
The weather here has been like this for weeks.
This is a nice buil­ding.

Break for a meal:
Where would you like to go for lunch?
What about so­me­whe­re with ... food?
This is de­li­cious.
Have you heard that joke about ... ?

End of the mee­ting:
Can I call you a taxi?
It was nice to meet you.
Thanks for a suc­cess­ful mee­ting.
Bye, Karin.

... thanks you?


How can you react when some­bo­dy ...

...says so­me­thing you agree with?
... apo­lo­gi­zes to you?
-...thanks you: Don't men­ti­on it., Not at all., You're wel­co­me.

-...apo­lo­gi­zes: Don't worry about it., No pro­blem. That's okay.

-...says so­me­thing you agree with: That's fine with me. , That's true., You're quite right.
page 69

Pre­sent your dia­lo­gue in front of your te­acher.
Auf dem Markt­platz zur Selbst­kon­trol­le.
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