• English for jobs: Talking about statistics
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  • 03.01.2023
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Gi­ving the fi­gu­res

p. 72: Look at the pic­tu­re, read the cap­ti­on and read the „Re­mem­ber“ box ca­re­ful­ly.
a) Copy the text and fill in the gaps with a pen­cil.
Use the same co­lours as in the book.
—> The co­lours show the dif­fe­rent parts of the pre­sen­ta­ti­on:
—> de­scri­be
—> ex­p­lain
—> eva­lua­te
—> draw con­clu­si­ons
The so­lu­ti­on re­fers to the lis­te­n­ing text. So­me­times you might have dif­fe­rent phra­ses. Ask your te­acher if you are not sure about your so­lu­ti­on.
Look at the text in the pic­tu­re on the next page to see the cor­rect phra­ses.
just under 14 mil­li­on, about 11 mil­li­on, over 81 per cent, al­most 12 per cent, ne­ar­ly …, more than …, a bit more than …, …
You can find the so­lu­ti­on on the next page.
Use page 139 for help.
Check while lis­te­n­ing.
page 73, number 2
You can work alone or with a part­ner.
Pre­pa­re a pre­sen­ta­ti­on about one of the sta­ti­stics.
Then give your pre­sen­ta­ti­on in front of your te­acher.
Now you can take the next speaking test.

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