• Exam File: Listening
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  • 08.01.2023
  • English
  • Listening
  • R (Regelstandard)
  • 10
Um die Lizenzinformationen zu sehen, klicken Sie bitte den gewünschten Inhalt an.

Be­fo­re you start wor­king on the fol­lo­wing exer­cises read pages 140 - 141 in your book.

(SF Lis­te­n­ing, SF Ta­king notes)

Hör­tex­te wer­den in der Regel zwei Mal ge­hört mit einer kur­zen Pause da­zwi­schen.

page 87: Be­lin­da's Bri­tain
a), b), c)
1 true, 2 false, 3 false, 4 true, 5 false, 6 true, 7 false, 8 false
1: 1C, 2B, 3C
2: 4B, 5C
3: 6B, 7 B, 8C
4: 9B, 10B

Wenn du beim Kon­trol­lie­ren fest­stellst, dass du eine an­de­re Lö­sung hat­test, höre den Test noch ein­mal an.

Dia­lo­gue: Shop­ping
Dia­lo­gue: Shop­ping
1 four, 2 two
3 20 Pounds,
4 080 00 534 534
5 fifty per cent ( 50 %)
6 chea­per than
7 shop­ping
8 forty-​five mi­nu­tes
9 com­pu­ter games
10 web­site
page 88: Dia­lo­gue: Prac­ti­sing for an in­ter­view

(Pro Zeile 2 - 3 cm Platz las­sen in der Ta­bel­le)
Per­so­nal qua­li­ties: good at tal­king and lis­te­n­ing to peo­ple; en­joys hel­ping peo­ple

Com­pu­ter skills: can use all the usual com­pu­ter pro­gram­mes

At­ti­tu­de: has got an MP3 play­er, a lap­top and a mo­bi­le phone

Eng­lish: al­ways got good marks; speaks Eng­lish at home; lis­tens to the news on the radio in Eng­lish

Know­ledge: has vi­si­ted her cou­sins in Bri­tain twice; reads Bri­tish news­pa­pers on­line (at least three times a week)

Work ex­pe­ri­ence: part-​time: sales as­sistant in a clothes shop; weekend job: video store

Weak­ne­s­ses: for­gets peo­ple's faces