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Learn the vocabulary and write it into your folder. p.206 (line - Yuck!)
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Maike's blog(1) - Irish families are often quite big, Irish tea is very strong, They usually out milk into their tea. You don't say:I will some sugar" You say: 'I'd like some sugar, please., When you talk to adults, you can use their first name.
Blog(2): School in Ireland starts at nine. Students wear uniforms at school. Dog mo thorn is Gaelic and means: Kiss my bottom.
Blog(3): School finishes at four and you have to do homework after school. Teat time means dinner. You don' say Good appetite, You'd better say Enjoy your meal. There are underage discos for people under 18 in Ireland. They're over before midnight and you don't get any alcohol. Irish girls get dressed up before they go to a disco.
today Dara and I went into Dublin. It was great.. I bought some souvenirs for my family - for example a silly hat for Jana. I liked the buskers and the artists in Grafton Street. After that I tried fish and chips in Temple Bar. It was delicious, but I was very surprised when I learned that Dara eats his chips with vinegar - sounds strange, but it's quite OK.
Today Maike and I went into Dublin. We had a great time there. First we went shopping because Maike needed some presents for her family. I bought a funny postcard for her. It said: Pog mo thoin. She laughed about it. She really liked the buskers and the artists in Groton Street. Then we had lunch. Maike tried fish and chips. things are different in Germany:People eat chips with ketchup and mayonnaise - yuck. So she didn't know chips with vinegar, but she tried some - and quite liked them. Maike's leaving tomorrow - I'm really going to miss her.
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