• Kl.8(E) - Unit 4 - Stories from the Deep South
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Learn the vocabulary and write it into your folder. p.212 (flow - movement)
p.79 / 1
p.133 / More practice 1 (Describing pictures - Skills file 8, p.171)
1 Katrina - 2 in 1865 - 3 King
p.79 / 2
WB p.47 / 1, 2
The article is about life in a small town, the people, the activities, getting around and a song about life in the south. I think Lea likes her life in Guntersville. She says the people there are friendly and there 's a lot to do . She enjoys the quiet life in Guntersville and outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, summer fires / barbecues with friends, watching the stars camping. She says she is happy small-town girl.
p.80 / 1
p.81 / 2 (More help on p.133)
Leah: age: 16 - family: mom, dad, little brother - hometown: Guntersville - friends: Raven, Earl (best friends) - hobbies: fishing, hunting, having barbecues, going camping, meeting friends, chilling - jobs: weekend job at local supermarket, helping young kids with homework (volunteering)
a) Hey, that's all right with me.
b) fishing - jeans and an old cap - Chevy truck - cheeseburger - everybody
c) Both Kelly and Leah like fishing.. they both have an old truck and like driving around in it. the singer and Leah enjoy the fact that everybody knows you and helps you. And they both like watching the stars.
p.81 / 3
the stars - trees - jeans - an old baseball cap - ride win a Chevy truck - green grass - wild flowers - (Distractor: a dog)
p.133 / More practice 2
p.81 / 4 ( My home, sweet home - article)
WB p.48 / 3-5
p.82 / 1(More help on p.134)
a) When the white settlers arrives, they needed land for their farms. So the US government said that all Native Americans (in the south-west) had to leave their land (=green tribal territory on the map) and go west. They were moved to reservations in Oklahoma. (The journey is called the Trail of tears because it was a long and terrible journey for the Indians. they didn't want to leave their homes, but they were forced to go. It was winter and they had to walk. They didn't have warm clothes or shoes and they didn't have enough to eat, so thousands to them got ill or died on the journey. The land in Oklahoma wasn't as good as their old land.)
b) 1 - ...John Gunter (a white settler who came here in 1785)
2...Cherokee woman
3...land to farm and grow cotton
5...reservations (in Oklahoma)
6...it was a terrible journey many Indians got ill or died
c)1785: John Gunter moves to Alabama and founded Guntersville - 1800: More white people
settlers moved to the area - 1830: The government said that all American Indians had to leave. They were forced to go west. - 1838: A group of Cherokees left Guntersville by boat.
WB p.49 / 6
p.83 / 2
a) She had to pay a fine because she wore an eagle feather in her graduation cap (The rules about what students can wear for graduation are very strict, so she wasn't allowed to wear that symbol)
b) 1 true - 2 true - 3 true - 4 false (there are strict rules - students must wear a cap and gown and are not allowed to wear any extra symbols) - 5 true - 6 false (she wore the feather to show her pride in her culture) - 7 not in the text - 8 false (they were not moved from their land)
c) 1 birds have them all over their body - 2 special clothes (a special hat and coat) that American students wear when they leave high school / at graduation - 3 you celebrate this when you leave school - 4 to make sb pay money because they have done sth wrong
p.83 / 3 (More help on p.134)
sun: a kind person - someone who is calm and easy-going
tiger: a strong and independent person - someone who loves nature
stars: someone who has lots of plans - someone who loves nature and the countryside
eagle: someone who likes to travel - who is strong - who thinks their family, their own culture is important
tree: someone who loves nature and the countryside
football: a sporty person, someone who loves to work in a team
p.84 / 1, 2
2) 1 ended - 2 back - 3 hadn't - 4 arrested - 5 buses - 6 in the town centre
p.85 / 3 (More help on p.135) - Speaking with short notes
b) I thiink Rosa Parks was a hero because she started the Civil Rights Movement. Because of her, segregation on buses was ended. She was brave enough to do something against the law, even though she knew that she would get into trouble. Today black and white people have the same rights.
p.85 / 4
WB p.50 / 7-9