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p.87 / Reading + Log 1
Where?:In the south of the USA
What state?: Lousiana
What river?: Mississippi
Log 1:
1. Sept.: ...(wife's family), stayed in a motel in Vicksburg, drove on to Baton Rouge, stayed at sb's house, tried to stay busy, life goes on - worried, scared
7. Sept.: went back to NO, saw destroyed houses and looted stores, went by bike to favourite places, saw a dead guy, went into a (destroyed) church, neighbours porch looked the same - sad
7. Oct.: heard new sounds like helicopters, boats, sirens, big trucks and chainsaws, saw new things like darkness, red and blue lights, soldiers from other parts of the US, (too) much sunlight because the streets are gone, smelled and saw trash everywhere - worried
1. Nov.: drove around city, saw symbols on houses, wondered about sign 1 DEAD IN ATTIC - worried, sad
14.Sept.: a woman and a man met while working an NO and got married there one year later
p.87 / Log 2 (More help on p.136)
p.88 Log 3 (More help on p. 136) - Speaking dialogue
More practice 4 (Speaking)
I can hear: ...the noise, helicopters, sirens, people shouting,...
I can see: ...trash, destroyed houses,...
I can smell: ...smoke, trash,...
p.88 / Reading Log 4
p.89 / Reading Log 5
a) I think he felt sad zest someone had died in the hurricane. He wondered if there had been anyone with him at the end. He was worried too because he thought it could have been his mailman or a waiter he had met at a restaurant.
Maybe the writer felt happy because the costumes reminded him of normal life in NO. I think he thought of Mardi Gras / the carnival and of the happy people in their colorful costumes. Maybe he thought: Life goes on and everything will be normal again someday.
p.89 / Reading Log 6
a) Why did you come to NO as a volunteer? What did you see - hear - feel there? Do you still think about the situation that you found in the city) What could you do to help? Did you see any dead people? Was it dangerous? Where did you stay?
p.89 / Now you a), b) - Skills file 8, p.171
WB p.54 / 16-18