• Kl.9 - Unit 2 - Respect
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p.30 /1ab - then watch the part 1 of the film
p.30 / 2 ab
1… they walk to school together and sit next to each other in the class­room / schoo­lyard. They have lunch together and meet at the weekends (to play com­pu­ter games).
2…he is al­ways bet­ter in class than the other three. The te­achers re­al­ly like Pa­trick be­cau­se he al­ways knows all the an­s­wers, but she often doesn‘t (know the an­s­wers).
3...he didn't want to show them to his dad be­cau­se he didn't want to hurry him.
4...he no­ti­ced that Pa­trick wasn't fee­ling ok: he see­med very quiet and a bit tired; he wasn't tal­king in his clas­ses and he wasn't tal­king to his fri­ends. So the te­acher was wor­ried about Pa­trick.
5... Pa­trick was very quiet and tired. His fri­ends didn't come to the house on Sa­tur­days (like they used to). Fiin­al­ly Pa­trick told him about the mes­sa­ge.
p.31 3a (more help on p.109)
Then 3b
watch part 2 of the film.
After that ex. 3c (more help on p.109)
b) 1 Shaz, 2 Ro­bert, 3 Ro­bert, 4 Si­mo­ne, 5 Pa­trick, 6 Ro­bert
p.31 / 4 and More chal­len­ge 1 on p.110
WB p.19 / 1, 2
Copy the new words into your vo­ca­bu­la­ry book (3spal­tig).
page 213 re­spect bis just the two of us
Prac­ti­ce the cor­rect pro­nun­cia­ti­on with your te­acher if you want.
p.32 1(What means „skim“ - read p.166 1)
p.33 / 2 (help on p.167 -168 - rea­ding cour­se)
1 true (l.9-10) 2 false (l.13) 3 false (l.20)
1B, 2A, 3B
1 peers 2 an issue 3 shop­lif­ting / 4 re­spect(ing) dif­fe­rent opi­ni­ons
1 - they don‘t want to look silly - they might lose fri­ends
2 - they might feel pres­su­re to try il­le­gal or risky things (e.g. al­co­hol, drugs, shop­lif­ting) - they might get into trou­ble
3 - fri­ends can give you great ideas and mo­ti­va­te you to do cool things - good fri­ends re­spect dif­fe­rent opi­ni­ons - they can talk (and lis­ten) to each other and un­der­stand how they feel - they can be there for each other, sup­port each other and help to say no if they are fee­ling under pres­su­re to do things they don‘t want to do
p.33 / 3 (More help on p.110) and on p.172 - 174 skills file: Wri­ting
WB p.20 / 3, 4
WB p.34 / 4 (Lis­te­n­ing) - also look at skills file on p.166.
Pay at­ten­ti­on on the order of the track num­bers.
1... all the others are busy and there is no-​one in­te­resting to talk to.
2...go shop­lif­ting with her take a shirt or so­me­thing when the shop as­sistant is not loo­king.
1...mean and usual­ly doesn't look at Ava.
2...not to steal be­cau­se if she gets caught, she'll be in big trou­ble.
to say no (to Megan) be­cau­se ste­aling is a big deal.
p.34 ex. 5 - Role play
p.111 ex. More chal­len­ge 2
p.148 - 151 / rea­ding
a) hang out together, watch and talk about peo­ple, so­me­times they laugh at peo­ple
b) have litt­le money and can't af­ford anything like going shop­ping or going to the ci­ne­ma. One of Danny's fri­ends is un­em­p­loy­ed, two are on a job pro­gram­me and one works in his father's shop. None of his fri­ends have qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons.
c) Kyle al­ways talks about money (the banks are cor­rupt, he's going to make mil­li­ons) and that he thinks, he's the smar­test per­son in the world.
d)- he used to be a mem­ber of the Star Gang, but he quit a while ago. The po­li­ce thought Dug­gan might try to take a re­ven­ge on a fri­end who got stab­bed in a kil­ling in a night­club. They fol­lo­wed him, stop­ped his car and shot him. No­bo­dy knows for sure what hap­pen­ed.
e) The po­li­ce say Mark was car­ry­ing a gun and shot first. His fa­mi­ly and fri­ends say that he would never carry a gun. They want to know about what re­al­ly hap­pen­ed that Thurs­day when Mark was kil­led.
f) he sees Riya, a girl from his school, in the crowd. He has strong fee­lings for her.
g) First, the pro­tes­ters try to pro­tect a girl who was bea­ten by 4 po­li­ce of­ficers. then Danny is pu­shed by other peo­ple and can't get out of the crowd any­mo­re. A pro­tes­ter throws a stone and it hits a po­li­ce­man in the face. Other peo­ple kick down a wall and use the bricks to throw them at other po­li­ce of­ficers.
h) Danny seems to be sho­cked about the whole si­tua­ti­on. He wants to get out of the riots. His fri­ends are thro­wing stones. Kyle calls Danny a wuss.
p.151 / More chal­len­ge1
Danny - smart, ho­nest, in love, sca­red, thought­ful, ca­ring
Kyle - im­poli­te, un­em­p­loy­ed, bored, part­ly ag­gres­si­ve / vio­lent, dis­re­spect­ful, self-​confident
p.151 / More chal­len­ge 2 or 3
WB p.21 / 5, 6
Learn the vo­ca­bu­la­ry and write it into your fol­der. p.215 f (badge - unity)
p.35 / 2
1 ...foot­ball teams.
2...big (Syd­ney) foot­ball star / an in­di­ge­nous foot­ball play­er
3...Adam Goodes a ra­cist name.
4...the 13-​year-old girl.
5...she would never use ra­cist names again.
6...that so­cie­ty is to blame for pre­ju­di­ce and ra­cism.
p.111 / More prac­ti­ce 1
1 - Adam Goodes (ll12/13)
2 - the girl ( l.16)
3 - the girl ( l.17)
4 - Adam Goodes (l.18)
5 - Adam Goodes (l.19)
WB p.22 / 7 (Lis­te­n­ing)
p.36 / 3 (view­ing) and Skills file: Using a dic­tio­n­a­ry on p.163
di­scri­mi­na­ti­on ra­cism among young peo­ple, stu­dent at school (in Aus­tra­lia) and how they deal with it
1B, 2A, 3B, 4B
Dem Ras­sis­mus ent­ge­gen­tre­ten, sich vom Ras­sis­mus be­frei­en.
1. We are all the same.
2.Be more fri­end­ly
po­si­ti­ve to the peo­ple around you stop di­scri­mi­na­ti­on in your neigh­bor­hood.
3. I can see, that you don't know what you are tal­king about.
Ra­cist comments are stu­pid / Be more open to other peo­ple or dif­fe­rent cu­l­tures
4. Let's stand together (again­st di­scri­mi­na­ti­on, ra­cism)
WB p.23 / 8
Learn the vo­ca­bu­la­ry and write it into your fol­der. p.216 (in­tro­du­ce - re­quest)