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  • 22.01.2023
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  • Mediation
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Don't write on this sheet of paper.

Take an own sheet (lined).

Don't for­get your name, the class and the date (in Eng­lish).
An ad­ven­ture ac­ti­vi­ty day at a Ger­man school

Joao saw this ar­ti­cle about your school and wants to know what it is about. Tell him about the most im­portant facts iin Eng­lish:

- the topic of the day (1p) / who it was for (1p) / who or­ga­ni­zed it (1p) / what the stu­dents did (give ex­amp­les) (3p) / how the stu­dents felt (2p) / what stu­dents, te­ache­ers and the prin­ci­pal think about it (2p) / plans for the fu­ture (2p)

Du hast von 12 Punkten erreicht (bestanden bei 10 Punkten).


There was an ad­ven­ture ac­ti­vi­ty day at our school. It was for 7th gra­d­ers and it was or­ga­ni­zed by some ex­perts for ad­ven­ture ac­ti­vi­ties.

The stu­dents had to do 12 dif­fe­rent tasks. One task was to climb a high lad­der in the trees.

Another task was to dance with a "blind" part­ner wit­hout tal­king - you had to show your part­ner what to do with your body.

The stu­dents  liked the day a lot. They said that they had lear­ned many new things, but so­me­times they had been sca­red too be­cau­se some tasks were re­al­ly dif­fi­cu­lt.

The te­achers and the prin­ci­pal think that the ad­ven­ture ac­ti­vi­ty day was very suc­cess­ful and they want to or­ga­ni­zed more in the fu­ture.